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MessageSujet: Forum's rules   Lun 7 Mar - 4:38

• I Basic rules

A forum is a friendly place where each owes respect the other one
Some very simple rules are to be held so that everybody can have fun and speak calmly

Each new member is supposed to make a presentation, but there is no obligation.

No insult, racism, anti-semitic, xenophobic, or homophobic comments. Bad behaviours will not be tolerated.

Do not put any picture or link which could hurt the sensibility of the youngest.

No pornographic pictures or links.

Try to don't comunicate your personnal informations (surname, address, or phone number).
You also have the choice to broadcast or not your mail adress, it is at your own risk.

When a message only involve one member of the forum, try to use Private messages (PM).

The flood is also forbidden, and please avoid useless messages (funny things are of course welcome).
Furthermore, avoid to do double answer (same message many times in the same post), except for the fanart and creation section. The EDIT button allows you to rectify your messages and to add anything you may have forgotten.

The private messaging system is not watched by the moderators of the forum.
If a member raises you problem on the private messaging system, the best thing to be made is to ignore it. You should never answer a provocation.

The insults, the mockeries, the attacks to whoever it is are not tolerated.
If somebody annoys you, speak about it to a moderator or an admin by MP.
Settling of scores on the forum are forbidden (in case of problem with a member, contact the team of moderator)

Signatures are tolerated, but their sizes must be moderated: 500x200 pixels maximum, no contents which can hurt anybody, and no advertising with direct link (by clicking).
Avoid to post images or gigantic signatures which can deform the forums...

Don't forgetto be polite and to thank the people who helped you.

• II The spelling

Here you are on a forum and not on your cell phone (even if you come here by using it :) )
Even if the spelling is not your best, try to be the most understandable as possible. Read again what you wrote before posting!
Use small letters and capital letters.
Warnings will be given if this rule is not respected.

• III spoilers

What a spoiler?

It is used in particular to indicate a document or a text which reveals all or any of the intrigue of a work (book, movie, video game) and that can spoil the pleasure and the surprise of the person to discover the work by herself (for example, a summary which tells the death of a central character of a movie).

Don't hesitate to use them to hide things like capital informations, or pictures.

• IV The rules of the sub-forum

In almost every sub-forum, there are some rules. These rules are of course to follow, and are merely extensions of general rules. They are also important, and violated may result in sanctions.

Locked posts (after too long idle), are left at their place, or sent to the trash. You can request a moderator or an administrator to unlock (restore) it.

If all these basic rules are respected, the atmosphere of the forum will stay nice.

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Forum's rules
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